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Models / Lita Lecherous

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Conducting Vibes
Lita Lecherous
As it turns out, sexy goth girl Lita Letcherous has a huge metal bondage fantasy, and Shiny is all too happy to give her an extreme experience she wont forget. Wrapping tight steel chains around her torso, up through her crotch, and padlocking it in place.. She is getting visibly turned on. After she is chained and cuffed in the rack, the final touch is added, a metal open mouth/tongue suppression gag. Now bound in tight chains and with the taste of steel in her mouth.. Shiny alternates between spankings and shocking her with the electric fly swatter. Finally, he takes a hitachi wand and vibrates her chained up pussy! The heavy steel chain must conduct very well, because she cums HARD!

Tags: Bdsm Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Crotch Abuse Domination
Shock, Spank, Vibe, Repeat
Lita Lecherous
Shiny and sexy Lita Letcherous get up to some real mischief in this video.. First bound and gagged in a spandex catsuit with a tight crotchrope, Lita is teases and spanked with a silicone paddle.. As her cheeks start to warm up, Shiny adds a shock collar to her upper thight and tests it out by delivering her a high voltage wake up call! She jumps and growls from the pain and evilly laughs all the while. Shiny grabs the vibrator want and starts to buzz her crotchrope to even out her pain with some pleasure.. Finally, Shiny ties the vibe in place against her clit and stands back with the shocker remote, lighting her up as she squirms from the intense vibrator! She cums violently, laughing and growling as she does! Shiny unties her and removes her gag and she has a permanent smile across her face. "You're fun.." she says.

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Catsuits
Slave Girl Nipple Torment
Lita Lecherous
Now in part 2, sexy goth girl Lita is strapped up sitting on the table with her legs spread and arms behind her. Her harness gag is anchored up and her neck is strapped to the pole behind her. Completely helpless and unable to look down at whats happening to her, Shiny unbuttons her blouse and pulls out her gorgeous breasts. He carefully clamps each nipple and then ties them up to the pole above her with springs. Now any way she moves, her poor nipples pay the price! Shiny then grabs the vibrator and goes to town on her crotch. Poor Lita squirms and drools all over her tightly hoisted tits. He ties the vibrator in place between her legs and paddles her thighs. She thrashes back and forth, destroying her nipples. She cums hard and after she calms back down, Shiny removes the clamps from her throbbing nipples, which we know hurts the worst!

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Belt Bondage Big Tits
Slave Girl Spankings
Lita Lecherous
Sexy switch Lita Lecherous submits to some spankings with Shiny's rubber paddle and his leather gloved hand. Of course if Shiny is going to do this, the bondage must also be severe! Fully gagged, chained, and restrained, she is bent over the spanking table and given a nice bright red ass (filmed in 2 angles to get the action and reaction!). At the end of the video, he makes her do a spanking countdown, alternating cheeks and tricking her on where he will strike next. When all is said and done, Lita is a gorgeous drooling mess with a very large smile.

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Belt Bondage Big Tits

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