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Straightjacket Escape Challenge
Sexy Kingsley submits to a straightjacket escape challenge. She slides into a silky red spandex catsuit and then we strap her all up tight. She thinks this is going to be easy.. Until we also gag and blindfold her. Now with the lights out, she must wiggle and squirm to find her way free. Can she do it? You'll have to watch to find out!

Tags: Ballet Slippers / Ballet Boots Belt Bondage Blindfolds Catsuits
Secretary Caught and Punished
Letter to corporate.. Dear Sirs or Ma'ams: This letter is to inform you that I have had to take disciplinary action towards an employee. I caught Kingsley at her desk at 11:26am engaged in watching inappropriate pornographic material on her company computer, and on company time. I took the following disciplinary actions.. First, I took her to the break room where I proceeded to tightly tie her to a chair and gag her. I left her there for a couple of hours, through lunch, and then came back to check on her. She was pleading to be let go, but being the company man that I am.. I decided to tighten up the ropes, add a few more for good measure, and leave her there until the close of the business day. I don't think Kingsley will be any more trouble now, and if she is, I will handle her appropriately. Sincere thanks- -Shiny (Branch Manager)

Tags: Ballgagged Chairtied Drooling Ebony Goddess
Roomie Dispute
Cupcake Sinclair , Kingsley
Kingsley is lounging on the couch in her lingerie after an afternoon of filming clips and pleasuring herself. Cupcake comes in and notices that Kingsley has borrowed her Hitachi vibrator without asking. She explains that vibrators and those kinds of things are personal items that aren't shared, especially without permission. Kingsley gets sassy and asks her "What are you going to do about it?".. Cupcake snaps and ties Kingsley up tight. "So, you like my vibrator so much?.. How do you like this?!" She ties the vibe to Kingsley's crotch rope and then shoves her off of the couch to struggle. Kingsley is already sensitive from the hours of masturbating she has done, and the tight crotch rope is really digging in. She rolls onto her stomach and instantly cums again. She struggles and shifts, trying to dislodge it from her throbbing pussy. Cupcake re-enters. "So have you learned your lesson yet? I doubt it!" She pulls Kingsley's legs up and hogties her. Now all of Kingsley's weight is on that damn vibrator and she can't get off of it. She is really beginning to regret upsetting Cupcake!

Tags: 2 Or More Girls Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Corset Ebony Goddess

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