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Models / Ashley Lane

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Leather Bound Captive
Ashley Lane
Gorgeous captive Ashley Lane is drug onscreen in nothing put her satin panties with her arms bound behind her. She is wrestled down onto her knees where her captor panel gags and blindfolds her! He takes a moment to grope her gorgeous body and tits.. Next he shoves her to the ground where straps her legs together with leather belts! Finally, she is pulled into a hogtie and left all strapped up and helpless on the floor! She struggles and calls out for help, but no one is around to hear her.

Tags: Barefoot Belt Bondage Blindfolds Blondes
Spread On The Loveseat
Ashley Lane
This was a custom video request. Gorgeous Ashley Lane is tied spread, cleave gagged, and left to struggle on the loveseat in her sexy leotard and tights.

Tags: Cleave Gagged Groping / Fondling High Heels Leotard
Swimsuit Bound Orgasms
Ashley Lane
Gorgeous Ashley Lane catches you snooping through her closet.. "Oh so you like my clothes eh? You.. wanna tie me up in my swimsuit?" she says with a smile. You do as she asks and she compliments you on the tight tie. You even thoughtfully tied her vibrator between her legs. "Would you... Turn this on for me?" she asks. You do so and then gag her with her favorite red ballgag. She struggles and flops off of the couch, moaning and enjoying herself. After a while, you decide to crank up the volume, so you pull her ankles up into a hogtie. That really sinks the vibrator in deep and she builds towards a giant orgasm. You roll her onto her belly and press her hips to the floor, trapping the toy in the gap between her legs and vibrating her crotchrope vigorously! She moans hard and starts to shake. No where for her to go or escape to! No way to get away from that intense vibing! You pull her shoulder ropes and arch her back. All of her weight is now centered onto her pussy! She cums HARD, shaking and going into fits of pleasure. The sensitivity is at maximum level, and even after you turn it off and remove her gag, she lays there trembling.

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Drooling Groping / Fondling
Make It Tight
Ashley Lane
Happy Birthday to me! Gorgeous bondage legend Ashley Lane submits to an extremely tight rope harness boxtie and frogtie combo, complete with strict crotchrope! She struggles beautifully in her satin lingerie and fishnets as the camera grabs every angle! I tease her a bit with a vibrator, and then I don't even let her cum.. Well.. It is MY birthday..

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Crotch Abuse Domination
UltraGirl Vs The Black Cat Part 2
Ashley Lane
Now in part 2 (Continued from Chrissy Marie's part 1).. The Black Cat has stolen Ultragirl's uniform and intends to confront her enemy Crimson Skull with her new found powers! Unfortunately for the imposter Ultragirl, she falls into Crimson Skull's trap and succumbs to his poison gas. Crimson Skull wastes no time in groping her limp body and carrying her off to his dungeon to string her up!

Tags: Ballgagged Cosplay / Costumes Gag Talk Lift & Carry
Naked Forced Orgasms
Ashley Lane
The title of this video says it all.. Nearly a FULL HOUR of gorgeous bondage legend Ashley Lane naked, strung up, and fitted with vibrators inside and out to keep her cumming and nearly biting through her ballgag!

Tags: Ballgagged Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Drooling Nudity/naked
Tricked Into Bondage
Ashley Lane
Its Ashley's first day on the job! She is to canvas the neighborhood and conduct a survey with the home owners in the area. She comes up to the door of a bondage producer who is setting up for a shoot, but his model is running late. At first he dismisses Ashley, saying that he is too busy to talk to her.. But then she begs him to let her in because it's her first day and she wants to do a good job for her boss. He sees that she is wearing an amazing red spandex outfit.. The wheels start turning in his head and he invites her inside.

Tags: Ballgagged Blondes Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Gag Talk
Homemade Superhero
Ashley Lane
Ashley is all excited about attending Comicon. She has even made up her own superhero costume to walk around the convention in. When her boyfriend comes downstairs to see what she's up to, he see her modeling her creation. He tells her "Lets see how super you really are!" as he grabs some rope and starts tying her to the pole..

Tags: Catsuits Cleave Gagged Cosplay / Costumes Leotard

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