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Models / Arielle Aquinas

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Hogtied in Leather
Arielle Aquinas
Gorgeous Arielle Aquinas submits to being tightly restrained in leather and several helpless bound orgasms in the custom commissioned video! Dressed in a sexy PVC catsuit and corset, she is hogtied, gagged, blindfolded, and fitted with a vibrator she just can't roll away from!

Tags: Barefoot Bdsm Belt Bondage Blindfolds
Supergirl Destroyed
Arielle Aquinas
Supergirl gets the distress call and lands to investigate. A prominent politician is being held hostage inside this house, and there is a lead lined room she cannot penetrate with her x-ray vision.. Very suspicious! She enters the home and approaches the room. All of a sudden the room fills with gas.. "What is this?! Kryptonite gas?.. Ugghhh.. getting weaker.." as the toxic gas fills the room, Supergirl collapses on the floor.. When she comes to, she is tightly tied up in Kryptonite rope. She struggles and rolls around trying to free herself, but she is far too weakened to break free. The room again fills with the poison gas and overtakes her. This time when she comes to she is tightly chairtied in the Kryptonite rope. She looks down and notices a bomb tied to her lap! "Ahhhh yes Supergirl!" a voice cackles. Black Skull emerges from the shadows. "You fell right into my trap! You have been tied and exposed to copious amounts of Kryptonite today. There's no way to break free! Haha!! Also, you will notice I have rigged up this bomb in your lap to the vibrator between your legs! I'll turn it on and when you reach orgasm, it goes BOOM! Haha!! In your weakened state, there is no way you'll survive! No more Supergirl!! Haahaha!" He pushes the button on the vibrator and it goes to work. Poor Supergirl struggles trying to free herself, feeling the orgasm building. "Can't... get... away... from those vibrations...Mppphhhffff.." Will she get free before the big "O" becomes the the big boom?!

Tags: Ballgagged Blondes Boot Fetish Bound Orgasms / Vibrator
The Wish
Arielle Aquinas
Sexy Arielle Aquinas lays in bed looking at bondage videos on her laptop. The girl on her screen is dressed in a silky spandex swimsuit and is rolling around cumming helplessly with a vibrator tightly tied to her pussy. She sighs.. "So fucking sexy.. Why can't these kinds of things don't happen to me.." She closes the laptop and rolls over to catch some zzz's.. When she opens her eyes, she is very confused. She is laying in a strange satin covered bed.. "What's going on here? What am I wearing?!" she asks herself as she feels the silky spandex leotard and leggings covering her body. "Hmmm... This is weird.." She stands up but before she can get her bearings, a piece of rope comes sliding across the floor, jumps up, and grabs her around the wrist! "What the fu..." she exclaims as it shifts and yanks her arm behind her. Another rope grabs the other wrist and whips her other arm back behind her as well and then they fasten themselves together, binding her wrists together behind her back! "What the hell?! These ropes are alive!!" She thinks to herself. Another rope comes sailing at her, jumps, and wraps around her upper torso and tits, tensioning itself until her upper body is tightly harnessed. The same thing happens around her waist and then to her surprise.. flies up between her legs and wrenches down tightly on her crotch, splitting her poor pussy right up the middle! "Oh my god!! This is just like the video I was watching!" she smiles. She is starting to like where this is going. More rope flies at her and binds her ankles. Then a ballgag jumps up into her mouth and buckles itself! "WHOOAAOOAA!!" She moans as she loses her balance and tumbles down to the floor. Another mischievous rope grabs onto a hitachi vibrator, flips it on, and drags it across the ground and up into her lap, fastening it to her already tight crotchrope! Arielle lets out a loud moan as the vibrations hit and travel deep into her sensitive parts. Arielle struggles and rolls around, testing the ropes and trying to wrap her head around the wonderful thing happening to her. Just then, another rope attacks and pulls her ankles up behind her, effectively hogtying her. Poor Arielle!! Now all she can do is roll from side to side.. But every time she gets stuck face down on her belly, she buries the unforgiving vibrator between her crotch and the hard ground.. sending huge shockwaves of pleasure through her entire body! How will she get out of this one? Does she even want to?..

Tags: Ballgagged Blondes Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Catsuits
Living Doll Strapped Orgasms
Arielle Aquinas
Sexy Arielle Aquinas submits to some Living Doll objectification bondage. She is strapped up tight in her zentai suit with leather belts and an armbinder, then she is panel gagged over the top of her hood. What starts out as a simple escape challenge turns spicy when I add in the vibrator between her tightly strapped thighs. Now her struggling intensifies as she the vibrator takes its toll on her. Those straps aren't coming off till we get a few orgasms!

Tags: Belt Bondage Boot Fetish Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Corset
Cheating Wife Busted Part 2
Arielle Aquinas , Luci Lovett
Now in Part 2.. Arielle and Luci slip into something a little more comfortable for bedtime.. Silky satin bodysuits with snap crotches and shimmery Wolfords tights. They are both fitted with a leather bolero straightjacket, ballgagged, and then they are tied into bed side by side. A hitachi vibrator is placed between their thighs, with the heads snug against their crotches, and then their legs are tightly strapped together. They look anxiously at each other. Arielle's husband switches them on and the moaning begins immediately. They writhe and squirm in the satin sheets, but the restraints hold them firmly in place. "Have a good night, girls.. I will be back for you in the morning" he says knowing full well he will be sneaking back in every hour or so to further torment them. The helpless girls cum again and again. Arielle's husband takes a special liking to Luci and turns her over on the bed face down. Now the hitachi is between her pussy and the bed and she can grind her hips down and really get some vibes. As she fucks the bed, he begins to bare handed spank her hard. The intense vibes and the pain from his solid hand make her cum instantly. Arielle lays there and watches their fun, feeling left out. Her husband keeps eye contact with her to let her know she is being left out on purpose as punishment. Finally he unties Luci completely and he and Luci attack poor helpless Arielle. He sits on her bound legs while Luci puts her hand on Arielle's throat and squeezes. He takes the hitachi and buries it into Arielle's pussy. The two of them double team her into a giant orgasm, and then they get up and get dressed, leaving Arielle still strapped down. "Well babe, I think I'm going to take your new friend here out to eat to get to know her better. Thanks for bringing her home!" Arielle squirms and begs to be released. "Bye!" He and Luci smile as they leave her there to suffer.

Tags: 2 Or More Girls Ballgagged Blondes Bound Orgasms / Vibrator
Cheating Wife Busted Part 1
Arielle Aquinas , Luci Lovett
Arielle is getting a little bored in her marriage, so to spice things up she finds herself a girlfriend that will come over while her husband is at work. One particular day, she invites her new girlfriend Luci over for some play time. They strip down to their satin lingerie and find their way into the bedroom. Arielle says she has an idea, and pulls some rope out of the drawer. Luci giggles with excitement. Arielle carefully ties her spread eagled down to the bed and begins teasing her, first with soft touches, then with the vibrator. Arielle is building her towards an epic orgasm when she hears something downstairs. Something like the front door closing. "What was that?! Did you hear that?.." she asks. "Oh sh*t!! I think my husband came home!!" Arielle panics and Luci demands to be untied. As Arielle scurries around trying to set Luci free, her husband walks into the room.  "What in the hell is this?!" He exclaims. He looks very angrily at her.. "I am at work all day and this is what you're doing?!" Arielle tries her best to explain it away, but he is having none of it. Luci (Still spread wide and firmly attached to the bed) interjects and asks to be let go.. but he has a different plan. He grabs Arielle by the hair and shoves her down on the bed. He takes some more ropes and ties Arielle down spread eagle as well, scissoring Luci. He ballgags them both. The girls lay still wondering what he will do to them. "Well... Since you guys decided to have a little party today, I guess I am going to teach you a lesson.. And have a little fun myself!" He grabs up the vibrator and rubs it between the girls satin covered pussies. They grind against it in ecstasy. He takes turns making the girls cum over and over before he wedges the Hitachi in between them and leaves the room. "I'll be back in a bit to check on you and figure out what I'll do with you two lovebirds next.."

Tags: 2 Or More Girls Ballgagged Blondes Bound Orgasms / Vibrator
A Trap For Batgirl
Arielle Aquinas , Luci Lovett
Supergirl has been missing for days! Batgirl triangulates her last known position and sets out to rescue her. When Batgirl enters the villain's lair, she sees poor Supergirl tied tightly to a post with green Kryptonite rope. Also, there is a red sunlight generator further weakening the superheroine and making her escape impossible. Batgirl knows she has to free Supergirl quickly! She begins to pull at the Kryptonite knots, but.. "Cough cough....Whats that?!.. Oh no.. Cough.. Poison gas!." Batgirl slumps over and goes limp. "Wha...Whats this?.." Batgirl thinks to herself as she comes to.. "OH NO! I'm all tied up now too!! MPPhhff MMMMmmmmppffffhh.. And gagged!" Batgirl struggles to get free, but it's no use. Whoever set this trap for her tied her up with the rope from her utility belt, and it is titanium core unbreakable lasso!! Struggling only makes it tighter! She suffers and moans, while poor Supergirl remains helplessly tied next to her. Someone put a lot of thought into capturing these two! How will they ever escape?!

Tags: 2 Or More Girls Ballgagged Blondes Boot Fetish
Strict Hogtied
Arielle Aquinas
Sexy blonde blue-eyed porn girl Arielle Aquinas surrenders herself over for a very tight hogtie on the table. She 's wearing a mesh catsuit, corset, and tall leather boots. She is hogtied and gagged with a harness style ballgag. Once tied and anchored to the table, she is hoisted back in a strict back arch and then tied off and left to hang there in the tight bondage. She moans and drools beautifully.

Tags: Ballgagged Boot Fetish Catsuits Corset

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