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The Game Part 3
Alex Coal
Alex is driven across town to a dimly lit back alley and is carried limply into his dungeon. He starts to strap her up tight with leather belts. First a full leather body harness, and then her arms. Just as her arms are finished, she begins to come to. She fights and tries to squirm away, but he catches her legs and tightly straps them together. Once he has her whole body bound, he runs his hands over her again, admiring his catch.. "How do you like your new home? I think you are going to make a wonderful sex slave eventually.." he whispers to her. Again he leaves her to get thing ready. She struggles hard trying to loosen up the leather straps, but no luck. When he comes back in he sees that she has squirmed a bit too much and is out of place. He can't have her wandering off, so he straps her again, this time upright and suspended by her head harness. She looks at him sadly, knowing there is no way to wiggle out of this one at all. Satisfied that she is helpless for the night, he goes to bed, leaving her to rest upright for the night.

Tags: Barefoot Catsuits Corset Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play
The Game Part 2
Alex Coal
Alex Comes to and her arms have been tightly tied behind her with rope at the wrists and elbows.. Also, he had found her leather muzzle gag and had strapped it onto her face, but not before stuffing her mouth full of what she can only guess by the taste are her dirty panties. She tries intently to kick at him and fight him off, but he easily grabs her left, rolls her over, and binds her ankles together crossed up behind her. Another few seconds and they are tied to the top of her head harness, not only hogtying her but pulling her head back so she can't see anything he is doing to her body. She can feel his hands groping her and rubbing her silky stockinged legs. She struggles and tries to yell out, rolling back and forth onto her sides trying to wiggle something loose. Knowing his time with Alex is short and he definitely doesn't want to risk an encounter with her boyfriend someone coming home.. He tells her he is going to take her with him. He begins rummaging around the room looking for something to change her into and settles on a red spandex catsuit he finds in her closet. He unties Alex's feet and sits her up. Once again he grabs his rag and holds it over Alex's face until she stops struggling. Then he unties her and slides her limp body into the catsuit and then tightens a corset over the top. "There we go. All ready for transport." He thinks to himself. He lifts her over his shoulder and takes her out to his van.

Tags: Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Garter & Stockings Hand Over Mouth Hogtied
The Game Part 1
Alex Coal
Sexy Alex Coal loves to be tied down and helpless waiting for her boyfriend to come home from work and rescue her. It has become a game they randomly play.. On certain days Alex will get home early, change into some silky lingerie she knows will drive him wild, she will tie herself down to the bed, and then he comes home to find her and have his way with her.. On this particular day, Alex rushes home extra early to get ready to play the game. She puts on a new sexy satin lingerie set complete with garter and stockings. She sets out all of her gear.. Some rope, handcuffs, her favorite ballgag, and a blindfold. She sits on the bed and ties her legs spread apart with each ankle tied to a bottom bed post. She sets her hitachi vibrator and the handcuff keys on the nightstand so her boyfriend can easily use them when he comes in later. She ties a set of handcuffs to each side of the upper bedposts. She buckles on the harness ballgag making sure its comfortably snug in her mouth before wrapping the leather blindfold over her eyes and tying it behind her head. Finally, she lays back on the bed and slides her wrists into the handcuffs and clicks them closed. And just like that she spread eagled and completely helpless! She wiggles around for a few minutes just to feel the excitement and helplessness of her situation before settling herself in and waiting for her boyfriend to come and save her! A couple of hours roll by and finally she hears someone coming up the stairs. His hands find her body and grope her all over. She struggles and moans through her gag. She feels him wrapping more rope around her waist. "He is trying something new!" she thinks to herself. He wraps the rope behind her, pulls it up through her crotch and over the front of the waist rope, and ties it down to the bottom rail. She quivers as he pulls the crotchrope tight. He takes another rope and ties it to the top of her head harness and anchors it up to the headboard. "Wow, I can't move anything now.." she thinks excitedly.  He grabs the vibrator and massages the crotchrope while he gropes her body. She wiggles and moans some more. She is so wet and ready for him to untie and fuck her. He unties the knot on her blindfold. Her eyes adjust to the light and she looks up playfully. Wait a second. THATS NOT MY BOYFRIEND! A tattooed man in a ski mask stands over her. Adrenalin and panic hit her all at once as she tries to flail. She is very well tethered down to the bed and completely helpless. He continues to grope her. "There there.." he says calmly. "I saw you tie yourself up through the window and I thought I'd come keep you company." "Let me go!!" she tries to shout through the gag. "I have other plans for you.." He snickers. He pulls a rag out of his pocket and places it over her nose and mouth....

Tags: Ballgagged Blindfolds Bound Orgasms / Vibrator Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play
Disco Girl Captured and Balltied
Alex Coal
Sexy Alex Coal is dragged on screen kicking and screaming with her hands tied. She is wrestled down to the couch, where the bad guy ties her ankles together and then tape gags her. She is pushed to the floor and bundled up into a tight balltied position. She struggles for a few moments, and then he reties her into a second strict balltie position complete with shoulder harness. She struggles and screams at the camera as he gropes her, exposes her nipples, and spanks her on her spandex covered ass!

Tags: Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play Groping / Fondling Mouth Stuffing Rope Bondage
Staying Warm
Alex Coal
This was a commissioned custom video Sexy naked Alex Coal is all snuggled up and cozy in the satin sheets. Her boyfriend comes in to wake her up and she tells him she wants to stay in bed. He reminds her that she promised to go out for a walk this morning with him, but she insists on staying in the nice warm bed under the covers. He grabs some rope and decides that he's going to help her stay there all day. He ties her wrists behind her and wraps her all up in her satin sheets. He ties her up over the sheets and makes her into a nice little hogtied cocoon. He tells her that he is going to leave her there while he goes for his walk, and when she protests he gags her and walks out of the room.  Now bound and gagged, Alex struggles in the silky soft sheets trying desperately to untie herself. After a couple of hours, her boyfriend returns and unties her. She is pretty mad at him, but she liked it so much, she's pretty easy to forgive him..

Tags: Ballet Slippers / Ballet Boots Nudity/naked Panel Gagged Rope Bondage
The Bondage Workout
Alex Coal
Sexy Alex Coal is a fitness fanatic and has tried every kind of trendy exercise program out there. Today she is going to try out the newest fad.. The Bondage Workout. She brings her rope in a bag and greets the trainer. He tells her to go ahead and remove her tshirt and shorts and begin her stretching.  She strips down to her thong leotard and tights, and after she feels good and limber, the instructor takes her rope from the bag and binds her wrists together behind her. She tells him it feels good, so he proceeds to tie her elbows together and wrap the remaining rope strands around her upper chest and shoulders. Things are getting a bit tighter and she is liking the feeling. He grabs more rope from the bag and ties a tight crotchrope over the thong leotard and cinches it in the back. She sits down and he gags her with a long silk scarf. Then he ties her upper thighs, knees, and ankles. He stands back and tells her to go ahead and begin her workout. As she struggles around, she begins to understand why the brochure called this workout "the ultimate resistance training". After she finishes the first exercises and some planking, he takes more rope from her bag. He positions her up onto a kneeling position and wraps rope under her knees and up over her neck, cinching her chest down to her thighs. She balances for a moment once he lets go, but falls over on her side once the strain is too powerful. She rolls around and kicks her feet out, really working up a sweat. He asks her if she is ready for the final exercise. He takes the last piece of rope, wraps it in between he bound ankles, pulls it around through her ass crack, and attaches it to her wrists. Now completely balltied, all she can move are her fingers and toes. She tries to struggle, but the tight ropes keep her steady and helplessly incapacitated. After the exercise he unties her and she slowly gets up, feeling the burn. "See ya next week." She says

Tags: Cleave Gagged Hogtied Leotard Rope Bondage
Leotard Hogtied
Alex Coal
Sexy Alex Coal starts off this video in a thong leotard and leggings, bare foot, and slowly opening and closing her toes.. Stretching out and crinkling her soles for the camera. Next she puts on black leather split sole ballet slippers and does some foot flexing and toe pointing. Last.. Rope and a panel gag are added. A nice tight boxtie/hogtie. She struggles and wiggles around, trying to free herself, all the while flexing and toe pointing in her slippers! Have a foot or slipper fetish? Maybe just love sexy girls in a bright colored leotard? This video is just for you!

Tags: Ballet Slippers / Ballet Boots Barefoot Hogtied Leotard
Babysitter Tied Up and Found
Alex Coal
Sexy babysitter Alex is just chillin' on the sofa when one of the brats gets a funny idea. Alex trying to be the cool babysitter decides to play along. "You wanna tie me up?... OK!" she says with a nod and a smile. Little does she know, this brat has a history of tying up babysitters really tight and leaving them for his step-dad to find when he gets home from work. This day is no exception. Babysitter Alex is now very securely tied down to a chair in the living room and playing along. "You're gonna untie me soon, right?" she laughs nervously as he dances around her laughing. She starts to struggle and pull free, but it's no use.  As time ticks by she starts to get VERY nervous. She knows the step-dad could come walking through that front door at any moment and she would be utterly humiliated to be found in such a compromising position. How would she explain this? What if he told other people about this?! Now she is getting very worked up about it. CLICK.. SCCREEEECHHH.. The front door opens. Her first instinct is to panic and pull at the ropes. "Whats this?" he asks as he walks over to her.. She looks down in complete embarrassment. "Looks like he got you too.. Haha."  "What?!" she snaps. "He has done this before?! Please let me go!" "Haha, yeah he likes to get into my ropes and stuff and leave you girls for me to find. Im gonna go upstairs and talk to him.. But first.." He walks over and shoves a gag in her mouth. "We'll have to teach you a lesson as well.."

Tags: Babysitter Ballet Slippers / Ballet Boots Chairtied Dark Fantasy / Prisoner Play

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