Kendra Lynn.. Spring Cleaning

12 photos; 18:36 video

April 15, 2019

Bondage, BDSM, Rope Bondage, French Maid, Satin Maid Costume, Shiny Nylons, Pantyhose, Satin Panties, Crotch Rope, Caught, Ballgagged, Drooling, Boxtied, Frogtied, Struggling, Helpless

Sexy maid Kendra is going through her cleaning routine at one of her clients homes. She finishes the dusting and as she opens a drawer, she finds a little stash of rope and a ballgag. "Wow.. I had ne idea he was so kinky..." she thinks to herself. Before she can put the questionable items back, the client comes in and sees her with his toys. "UH ummmmm.. Uh.. I was just cleaning and I found these..!" she stammers.
Too late. The client grabs her and ties her arms behind her, and before she can protest, he shoves a ballgag into her mouth and tightens it down. She squeals and shakes trying to pull her arms loose with no luck. He grabs more rope and ties a crotch rope over her satin panties, cinching it down uncomfortably tight.
"Get down on your knees." the client commands. The poor confused girl complies, hoping that if she does what he says that he will let her go. The rope between her legs tightens even more as she kneels down. He cradles her chin in his large hand. "Well now, you found my little toys.. So I'm going to teach you a little lesson in respecting peoples' privacy.."
He shoves her back onto the sofa and frog ties her legs. "You will remain tied and gagged for the duration of the work day. Tomorrow you will return to resume your cleaning duties. Understood?" She nods as slumps off of the slippery sofa onto the ground.
The client walks up the stairs and leaves her to her shame. She struggles until she tires herself out, and then she relaxes down softly sobbing.. Forced to accept his punishment.

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