Nina Rivera.. Very Wrongful Arrest

17 photos; 20:19 video

April 13, 2019

Bondage, BDSM, Rope Bondage, Handcuffs, Arrested, Detained, Tricked, Captured, Prisoner, Taken, Ballgagged, Tapegagged, Satin Panties Over Face, Hogtied, Fondling, Groping, Crotch Rope, Satin Panties, Satin Blouse, Shiny Nylons, Pantyhose, Struggling, Helpless

Nina is at home reading a book when the doorbell rings. She answers the door and is surprised that it is a police officer. She asks what she can do for the officer.
The officer forces his way into the house and shoves her onto the couch. He grabs his handcuffs and tells her she is under arrest. Nina is very confused! "What did I do officer?" She pleads.
He stands her up to take her outside, but pulls a ballgag out of his pocket. "You have the right to remain silent!" he barks at her as he shoves it into her mouth.
Now Nina knows something is definitely wrong. Cops don't carry ballgags. Her suspicions are confirmed when he shoves her into a van and drives past the police station to the industrial section of town. He pulls up to an old warehouse and drags her inside.
He ties her standing to a ceiling post. Still handcuffed and gagged, he fondles her body and pulls up her skirt. He sees that she is wearing some satin panties, so he tells her to take them off. She stalls. She doesn't want to take off her panties. He tells her she had better remove them if she wants him to let her go.
She shuffles back and forth, trying to remove them while handcuffed and standing in heels. She can tell he's getting some sick pleasure from watching her struggle with it. When she finally kicks them off. He picks them up off of the ground and smells them. He says "These smell nice.." and then he shoves them on her head over her face, adjusting the crotch to sit right over her nose. 
"Now then.." he barks as he grabs more rope. The ties her wrists and removes the handcuffs. He binds her upper body in a tight harness, and then pulls a tight crotch rope up between her legs, digging into the gusset of her silky pantyhose. He takes some black vinyl tape and wraps it around her head over the panties covering her face, compressing the huge ballgag further into her aching jaw.
Next he unties the support rope from the ceiling and forces her down onto her belly. He pulls her legs up behind her and hogties her ankles to her wrists. "There we go.." he says as he stands back to admire his rope work. "You're not going anywhere now." 
She struggles and tries to move, but she is very solidly tied up. She tries to yell through the ball that is wedged into her face with tape, but only some muffled moans escape. Who would hear her out her in the middle of nowhere anyways?
"As you may have guessed.. I am not a member of law enforcement.." he sneers.. "I have had my eye on you for a while dear. You are going to make a very nice sex slave for me."

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