Cassandra Cain.. Captured Sex Slave Experiment Part 3

16 photos; 18:06 video

April 1, 2019

Bondage, BDSM, Rope Bondage, Taken, Captured, Prisoner, Damsel in Distress, Dark Fantasy, Hostage, Sex Slave, Ballgagged, Tapegagged, Layered Gags, Satin Dress, Satin Panties, Stockings, Garters, Balltied, High Heels, Struggling, Helpless

Cassandra's stalwart detective work takes her to the scene of what she believes is a sex slave ring, where  girls are being captured and sold. Up for promotion and looking to make a name for herself, she enters the ordinary looking house without calling for backup first...
Now in part 3- Cassandra slowly opens her eyes. She is back at the slave house with no recollection of how she got there. She is tied up tight in a satin dress and her panties are soaked through in dripping. Memories of the experiment come flooding back just as the doctor enters the room.
"Ahhh.. I see you're awake.." He shoves a ball gag into her mouth before she can respond. She is still sluggish and lethargic from whatever was in that syringe and the countless orgasms. "Congratulations, you were able to resist my little experimental serum.." He wraps a tight layer of vet wrap around her face and follows it up with a thick layer of black electrical tape. She tries to struggle, but between the rope and the fatigue of her body, she falls to the floor. The doctor grabs more rope and pulls her legs up to her chest in a ball tie position.
"There you go. I'm a sporting kinda guy, so I'm going to give you a chance to escape." He sets her cell phone on the table. "Its simple..If you can get untied and get to your phone in time, you're free! But.. if you're still here when my thugs get back.. They have orders to dispose of you! Take care detective!"
The doctor leaves and Cassandra tries to get free of the ropes. Will she be able to escape before the goons get back and finish her off?!
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