Chrissy Marie.. The Bondage Slave Part 1

23 photos; 18:55 video

March 16, 2019

Bondage, BDSM, Lifeguard, One Piece, Speedo, Swimsuit, Shiny Tights, Nylons, Rope Bondage, Captured, Taken, Hogtied, Crotch Rope, Bound Elbows, Cleave Gagged, Ballgagged, Over Shoulder Carried, Lift and Carry, Struggling, Helpless, Damsel In Distress

While sitting by the local pool one day, he sees a gorgeous young woman. She is wearing the classic red swimsuit and whistle symbolizing she is the life guard. He watches her from his chair, mesmerized by her every move. Her swimsuit is perfectly cut and shows off just enough of her gorgeous backside. Her authoritarian strut around the pool is magical. The way she throws her hair.. Breathtaking.. All he can imagine is how amazing she would look tied up and struggling. He has become obsessed. He has to have her..
He waits and watches. Another life guard shows up to relieve her of her duty. He sees her walk around the far side of the pool. He knows she is headed to the locker room to change her clothes. As she stops to talk to someone, he slips in there first..
Fast forward to his living room.. as he comes through the door with the newly captured and tied prize.. The lifeguard in her sexy red swimsuit..
He sets her on the couch and pulls off her silk scarf gag. Before she can say much of anything, he shoves a huge red ballgag into her mouth and pulls it tight. Then he gets up and leaves the room. The poor distressed girl struggles and tries to get free, but she only manages to fall to the floor. When he comes back, he has more rope in his hands. He quickly ties her chest and pulls her into a tight arched hogtie. She moans in protest, but the gag keeps it to a dull murmur. He leaves the room again.
This time when he comes back, he informs her he has prepared the dungeon for her, and he thinks she is going to like what he has in store for her. She again tries to struggle and fight, but he scoops her up over his shoulder and carries her up the stairs to the dungeon.

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