Rachel Adams.. His Best Friend's Girl

16 photos; 22:26 video

March 14, 2019

Bondage, BDSM, Taken, Held Captive, Rope Bondage, Manhandled, Damsel In Distress, Neck Roped, Mouth Stuffing, Panty Gag, Tape Gag, Nylons, Satin Blouse, Hair Tied, Hogtied, Bound Elbows, Helpless, Struggling

Rachel nags her boyfriend Bryan non-stop. Her constant bitching has put a real damper on his social life, and it is costing him his friendships as a result.
Bryan's best friend decides to take action. He devises an elaborate plan for a guys night out, and he will get rid of Bryan's annoying girlfriend before she can put a damper on things..
He calls her up and tells that he has a surprise for Bryan's upcoming birthday and needs her help. She agrees to come by after work and help out. Once there and in his living room, he grabs her and ties her wrists behind her. He drags her over to a table and bends her over it. She struggles to get away, but he's too strong. He lifts her work skirt and pulls her satin panties down. "Oh god! Please no!" She shouts. He takes her panties and shoves them into her mouth to shut her up, and wraps her head with tight vinyl tape. He shoves her up onto the table and adds more rope, binding her at the ankles, elbows, and hogtying her up into a tight arch. "That oughtta hold ya!" he snickers, looking very pleased with his work. 
She shakes back and forth furiously trying to get free. "MMMPPPHHHFFF!! MMPPFFFFFHH!"
"There. Now Bryan and I can have a guys night without you interfering! I'll be back later tonite to let you out.. Let this be a lesson to you.." he says as he grabs his jacket and heads out the door.

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